Think beef!

100% grass fed. By using special breeds of beef cattle and intensive grazing practices, we finish our cattle with nice marbling on grass alone! And we are very proud of this accomplishment. Now is the time of year that customers start to make plans for the winter. The farmers’ markets are winding down, and it will be more difficult to buy a couple of our cuts each week. Why not choose one of our packages for your freezer? If you get together with a few friends, you might be able to buy a whole animal, at our most economical price. You will be able to fill out a cut sheet! YOU will decide how thick the steaks are, how heavy the roasts are, bone-in or not, whether you want porterhouse steaks or a combination of tenderloin and strip steaks. This is your opportunity to get a standing rib roast, or simply opt for a couple dozen thick rib-eye steaks. Do you want stew meat and roasts or lots of ground beef? You will get the hard-to-find specialty cuts that are not sold at most supermarkets — hanger, skirt, tri-tip, flat iron filet. If you reserve now, we can be flexible with timing and choices!

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