Just Dreaming

So… I just came across these videos of our own cattle, after attending a grazing conference and dreaming of the days to come. The winter on hay is a struggle for us all, but the grazing is what our cattle live for.

This is “Fran” a British White cross cow. Turn your volume up and you will be amazed with the grass-ripping action. Watch the tongue, grabbing the grass and cutting if on the bottom teeth. Cattle don’t have upper front teeth — just a solid pad.

Now we have a yearling grazing white clover, a low-growing protein-rich legume that has spread out and filled in after the last graze-through. The sound is probably static from the wind. We have lots of it here in South Hero.

Yes, there’s enough forage for all! Two yearlings going at it. No wonder they grow so fast!

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