Farm Stand Offerings

Currently, at our Farm Stand you can get individual vacuum-sealed packages of the following cuts:

  • Ground Beef
  • Ribeye steaks
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Sirloin Tip steaks
  • Tenderloin steaks

They are all in the freezer section of the refrigerator in the back of the Farm Stand.

Call us if you want a different cut (802-233-0064).

2 Responses to Farm Stand Offerings

  1. jenn says:

    Can you please send me a price list for your grass fed beef ?
    Sirloin steaks
    burger (96% fat?)


    • admin says:

      Please click on the menu tab “Preorder Beef” and then scroll down to the paragraph on “Retail by the Cut”. These are our most popular cuts. We do not currently sell sirloin steak ground beef, but if you order a half animal, you can fill out a cut sheet to specify exactly what you want for your freezer. Our meat is tender and flavorful, with our ground beef running from 10% – 15% fat, according to our butcher’s estimation. (And this is just an estimate.) We believe there are health benefits to the fat found in 100% grass-fed beef. And many of our customers enjoy the flavor of an appropriate amount of fat in their beef.

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