Camper Welcome Packages

2015 Camper Welcome Packages

A. Summer Vegetable basket, with 8 seasonal products including vegetables, greens, fruits, and root crops plus a newsletter with recipes.

SPECIAL! $45.00 $42.00

B.  Omnivore basket with the fruits and vegetables above, plus bread, eggs, cheese, honey or jam.

SPECIAL! $70.00 $65.00

C. All-Inclusive basket will include A and B above, plus a package of ground beef and a small non-GMO chicken.

SPECIAL! $100.00 $93.00

Summer guests will also receive a $3 coupon for use at Health Hero Farm’s farm stand and at our booth at the South Hero Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays during their stay.

Customized Packages are an additional $10.

Welcome Package Options

Do you vacation in the Lake Champlain Islands and stay at a camp ground or resort other than Tree Tops? Contact us for information about getting YOUR Welcome Package delivered and waiting for you when you arrive.

2 Responses to Camper Welcome Packages

  1. Stephanie Giffard says:

    I ordered a welcome basket ($100). I forgot to tell you that we are staying at the Tree Top in South Bay starting August 12, 2015
    Thanks Stephanie Giffard
    Love the basket last year…. Delicious!!!!

  2. Stephanie Giffard says:

    Sorry August12,2014

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