100% Grass-fed Beef

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We are passionate about producing nutritious foods, treating animals humanely, and using sustainable agricultural practices. And our customers want us to balance these three goals with convenience and cost. Folks who previously didn’t like beef tell us that they enjoy our cattle’s meat because it is truly different from what is sold in grocery stores and supermarkets. And because our beef is hard-frozen immediately after butchering at USDA-inspected facilities and kept hard-frozen until purchase, it is guaranteed fresh and there is less chance of spoilage than with meat sold at grocery stores. Even if red meat is served only occasionally in your home, why not use healthy and flavorful beef? We guarantee customer satisfaction!

Now that's a beef cow!

Now that’s a beef cow!

multi-cut options
side of beef

Click here for answers to 7 questions people have about buying beef directly from the farmer.

We offer several options for you to bring the best beef available (HHF beef, that is) into your home. Health Hero Farm beef is consistently tender, juicy and tasty. No special preparation or cooking is required.

We deliver FREE along the I-89 corridor between Williston and St. Albans as well as to Shelburne and Charlotte.

We also sell our beef at the following farmers markets: Champlain Islands Farmers’ Market; the Univ. of Vermont Medical Center (outside the Davis auditorium on Thursdays between 2:30-5pm); and the Milton Farmers Market.  Between May and December, our beef is also available at our farm stand (350 West Shore Road, South Hero)

 Individual Cuts

Our most popular cuts and prices…

Ground beef…………….. $8.00/lb
Rib-eye steak…………… $19/lb
Stew beef………………. $8.50/lb
London Broil steak………. $10/lb
Sirloin steak…………… $13/lb
Porterhouse steak……….. $21/lb
T-bone steak……………. $19/lb
NY Strip steak………….. $24/lb
Tenderloin steak………… $26/lb
Short Ribs……………… $7.20/lb
Roasts (Chuck, Top Round, Bottom Round, Eye Round) $8/lb

We also have many other cuts!

Click here to ORDER NOWOr, you can order by e-mailing us (HealthHeroBeef@gmail.com) or by calling 802-233-0064

Try our ground beef and see how different it both tastes and makes you feel

5% discount for 20+ pound orders, and 10% discount for 40+ pound orders

Multi-Cut Options

Each option contains meat from each quarter (front and hind) in a package volume that meets your needs and freezer space.

We have lowered our prices to make stocking your freezer that much more attractive.

The Sampler 12 pounds, including 2 pounds ground beef, 2 pounds stew meat or shanks, 5 pounds of steaks, 3 pounds of roast. – $115
A great way to sample our grass-fed beef! (0.5 cubic feet)

The Value Pak 13 pounds: 8 pounds slow cooking meats, such as brisket, short ribs, shin steaks, and then 4 pounds London Broil. – $99
A great way to put comfort food on the table in cold weather! (0.5 cubic feet) Plus add on as much ground beef as you want for the discounted price of $7.50 per pound.

The Weekender 30 pounds, including 12 pounds ground beef, 3 pounds stew meat or shanks, 9 pounds of steaks, 6 pounds of roast. – $260 
Based on a single person consuming beef once per week for a year. (1.2 cubic feet)

The Bachelor 50 pounds, including 20 pounds ground beef, 5 pounds stew meat or shanks, 13 pounds of steaks, 12 pounds of roast. – $425
Based on a single person consuming beef twice per week for a year. (2 cubic feet)

The Couple 90 pounds, including 27 pounds ground beef, 12 pounds stew meat or shanks, 28 pounds of steaks, 18 pounds of roast, 5 pounds of short ribs. – $780
Based on 2 adults consuming beef 2-3 times per week for a year. (3.6 cubic feet)

To order, e-mail us (HealthHeroBeef@gmail.com) or call 802-233-0064

Whole, Half, or Mixed Quarter

The most economical option!

Price is $3.95/lb hanging weight ($4.25/lb for mixed quarter), plus butcher/processing fees. Our cattle hang at about 700 lbs; and after processing removes most of the bones, we get approximately (this is an estimate) 440 lbs of individually Cryovac-packaged meat per animal. So half a beef is approximately $1380, and a whole animal is around $2760. The processing cost for a whole animal typically runs a little over $700, so processing cost for half is about $350. As a result, you get all the cuts for less than the retail price of our ground beef. (The weights are estimates. Exact hanging weights are determined at processing.)

HHF T-shirt

Be a Health Hero!

FREE T-shirt with purchase of a half or whole beef!

Many customers split their purchase with friends, neighbors or relatives

Half a beef will feed a family of four 2-3 times a week for a year and takes up 7.5 cubic feet of freezer space.

To order, e-mail us (HealthHeroBeef@gmail.com) or call 802-233-0064

Customers say that our beef is the best they’ve had!

“I have the highest praise for your product- it is as good as what we were able to raise ourselves.” – Rachael M.

“I make the world’s best burgers, and my secret is your beef.” – Sandy S.


 Useful Information

Click here for a good explanation of the various cuts of beef.

Our meat is dry-aged for 7-9 days at a USDA-inspected butcher who is also certified by Animal Welfare Approved (animalwelfareapproved.us/). Each cut is immediately vacuum-sealed by the butcher and frozen solid to retain the flavor of freshly-butchered meat. Before cooking, individual packages can be thawed quickly and safely in room-temp water.

We have recipes for all our cuts!

100% Grass-fed beef is better for you because…

  • Significantly more omega-3’s compared to grain-finished beef
  • 2-3 times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
  • 7 times higher beta-carotene
  • 3X more vitamin E
  • More B vitamins
  • 1/3 less total fat
  • Significantly lower omega-6 to omega-3 ratio

Our beef tastes better because…

  • Grass-fed – Cattle are much healthier when they eat what they are designed to eat – grass.
  • Genetics – Our heritage cattle (Angus and British White cows and a British White bull) were bred specifically to turn grass into well-marbled, high-quality meat.
  • Certified organic pastures – We work hard to ensure that our pastures produce the most nutritious forage for beef cattle, and our cattle eat only certified organic feed. NO herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or GMO products are used on our farm.
  • Low-stress, Humane Handling –Lower stress results in more tender and more flavorful meat.
  • Planned Grazing – Our cattle always have lots of fresh, high-quality forage; and the more they have, the more they eat (so the more marbled and flavorful their meat)!

We are committed to environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices on our farm

Our priority is to keep nutrients out of Lake Champlain and build fertile soils to sustain future generations. We and our children swim in the Lake! Our farm is conserved, and we take great care to use the most effective, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable farming practices. The University of Vermont is helping us ensure that water exiting from our property is significantly lower in nutrient (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) and particulate emissions than waters from conventional farms. 

Compaction creates a highly impervious soil and adds significantly to surface runoff. When nutrients are applied to compacted soils, significantly more of these nutrients end up in nearby waterways. We use subsoiling, in combination with grass seeding and grazing, to break up compacted soil.

Soils with  more organic matter  absorb significantly more water and do a much better job of filtering/retaining nutrients. The cattle themselves play an important role in our efforts to increase soil organic matter. Both the waste products from the cattle and their trampling of plant material into the soils increase soil organic content. Water that does filter through our soils is quite clean.

There are no manure lagoons on our farm, and we have a riparian buffer strip alongside the one stream (seasonal) through our property. Only composted manure is applied on our fields in late Fall, and our feed hay is baled and wrapped. As a consequence, our operations neither emit unpleasant odors nor pollute nearby waterways (i.e., Lake Champlain)!

Health Hero Farm, 350 West Shore Road, South Hero, VT 05486

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Thank you for your interest in our Grass-fed Beef!
We are excited to offer this exceptional product!



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  1. Leslie D Desrosiers says:

    I spoke to you at the farmers market. I would like to order 4 lbs ground beef and 2 london broil steaks from the round. I will pick the order up on Thursday 7/28.

    • Bob Fireovid says:

      Hello Leslie. Thank you for your order!

      We’ll have it ready for you to pickup at our Farm Stand this Thursday.

      Thanks again!
      – Joan

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